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  Porcelain Coated cast iron cooking grid Item Code 4768  Porcelain Coated cast iron cooking grid. Construction : Stainless steel hood with chrome steel handle Stainless steel cart doors with side burner on right side, control panel with electronic ignition Stainless steel side table  KWD. 135.000
  Portable sauna Item Code 2531  Sweat away unwanted fat, eliminate cellulite, lose weight and ease muscle pain, all while sitting in the comfort of your own home. The Velform Sauna belt focuses the sauna heat on the most problematic body parts to help flush out and eliminate toxins. KWD. 26.750
  Professional, powerful and elaborately Massager Item Code 1014  Professional, powerful and elaborately Massager. Provide wide range massage and achieve slimming purpose. Provide wide range massage and achieve slimming purpose.  KWD. 25.750
  REJENE Item Code 2721  Introducing REJENE, the breakthrough new product that is scientifically designed and the only one guaranteed to rebuild your tummy, even if it's been years after your pregnancy. Rejene is also effective in eliminating stretch marks from weight loss or puberty. KWD. 19.750
  Renewing cleanser, toner lotion Item Code 2500  This oil-free formula contains prescription-quality benzoyl peroxide in conbination with a mild cleanser that lightlu washes the skin Tiny beads unclog pores and gently exfoliate dead cells and impurities so they cant clog pores.the benzoyl peroxide penetrayes the pores to kill bacteria and reduce the number of acne pimples  KWD. 18.750
  Rotair Ceramic Brush Item Code 2538  Rotair Ceramic Brush includes a round ceramic brush, a rotaring brush, a blow-dryer, a curling iron and a flat iron in one. That means drying, styling, polishing, shining, straightening. KWD. 23.750
  Siluet 40 Item Code 2526  No diets, No exercise, No Pills:- Siluet 40 is a world renowned body sculpting gel, which is used to target specific body area reduction. *Siluet 40 is activated when it is applied to the skin. it penetrates through the fat tissues where the transformation begins KWD. 18.750
  Steam Blaster Item Code 2717  Blast it clean with the power of steam. Revolutionary system cleans all types of surfaces - floors, tiles, countertops, ovens, sinks, bathrooms, bbq grills, and more. The Shark Steam Blaster takes approximately 8-10 minutes to reach its working temperature and is ready for use when the red light on the handle of the unit lights up. The Shark Steam Blaster will run for approximately 20-25 minutes before it has to be refilled. KWD. 53.750
  SteamSpa Item Code 2536  The SteamSpa is a personal home spa anyone can afford. It's true you can now enjoy the same wonderful beauty treatments that professional spas give right in the comfort of your own home.  KWD. 66.000
  Sweep 'n Mop Item Code 8278  Sweep 'n Mop is the only mop in the world that sweeps and mops at the same time. You are guaranteed professional cleaning in half the time. KWD. 15.750

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