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Projects which the company was chosen to achieve, have been increased. The company achieved them after it was classified by The Public Authority for Fish Resources and Agricultural Affairs and the Central Committee for bids as one of the first class companies in agricultural woks, these companies are known by their large experience in agriculture works and watering systems and they have the right to participate in any bid or project in this field, it was in 1997.

The company has a great background full of large agricultural projects, the enclosed list is just an example to the most recent projects, and the enclosed list is just example to the most recent projects besides the projects which were achieved by the company as interior contractor. The company has too many agricultural constituents which is considered as stable capital, like machines, heavy duty tools (like craters and tractors), water tankers, big and small trucks, pickup, jeep cars… and others. For all these machines, there is a fully equipped workshop with skillful trained labours, it is situated in Al- Doha area. Besides there is a large plantation in Alabadali area for producing indoor plants and seasonal flowers which are imported by nurseries and also for producing plants, trees, palm trees which are necessary to cover the needs of the company to the outer projects and bids. It contains a lot of the agricultural equipped facilities (like nurseries and trellise).

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