Power Boats Center
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  • POWERBOAT CENTER always exceed our end client expectations
  • We always keep the client delighted
  • POWERBOAT CENTER continuously scan, analyse, and report on the market demand
  • We continuously analyse and report about new brands, products and manufacturers
  • POWERBOAT CENTER remain on customer budget line
  • Target zero time delay on delivery
  • POWERBOAT CENTER target zero customer complaint
  • Achieve full compliance to specified requirements
  • Open end policy towards specified customisation
  • To fully substantiate targets within the time frame specified
  • Our management is fully committed to achieving clear cut goals and objectives, coupled with the able support of our dedicated, well qualified personal who man the various departments.

    Besides our entire operations have been streamlined, upgraded and synchronized to perform in an efficient manner. All with the ultimate objective of securing customer satisfaction, achieving targets and excelling in our business endeavours in Kuwait.

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