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     Aluminum Foil & Plates
Aluminum Foil 1x6 00125
Wax Paper 00070
Alu Container No. 83185
Alu Container No. 8389
Alu Container No. 8368
Alu Container No. 8342
White Paper Bag
Brown Paper Bag
Brown and White Paper Bag
     Cleaning Items
Dust Pain Set 00017
German Broom Red 00038
Mop Kentucky 450 Gram 00088
Mop With Clips
Scouring pad 00019
Soft Broom 00015
Sponge 00018
Tile Brush 00029
Scorn Polish Red & Black & White
Wiper Rubber 45 cm
Steel Ring
Plastic Wiper Ruubber 45cm
Cleaning Mops
Water Cleaning Mop Trolley
     Cling Film
Cling Film 00050
Anwar Pckt 00179
Powder Soap ANWAR 1X25 KG
     Face Mask
Medical Face Mask
     Flexible Straws
Flexible Straws 6 mm
Paper wrapped flexible Straws 6 mm
     Foam Cups
Foam Cups 6oz with lids 00155
Foam Cups 16/12/8 oz with lids 1x1000
     Food Services
Apron 100x10 00051
Clear Plastic Gloves 100x100 00036
Heavy Duty Gloves
Kitchen Cloth 1x12 00013
Rubber Gloves Black 1x12 00044
Vinyl Gloves S& M & L & XL
Garbage Bag Black 85x110 00009
Kitchen oven Gloves
Rubber Gloves Coolor 00046
Tooth Pick 1x1000
Latex Gloves (Small, Medium, Large)
     Liquid Cleaners
Steel Polish
Glass Cleaner
Hand Soap
All Purpose Liquid Soap
     Paper Cups
Hot Paper Cups 16 oz withlids 1x1000
Paper Cups 16&12&7&4 oz 1x1000
Hot Paper Cups
     Plastic Containers
     Plastic Cups
Clear Plastic Cups 16 & 12 oz
1 oz PET Packing 5000 pec
2 oz PET packing 2500 pec
Microwave M-8000 packing 400 pec
Microwave M-500 packing 900 pec
Plastic water Cups 6 oz
4 oz PET packing 2000 pec
Round Plastic Contr wlids 500cc
Plastic Clear Cups 16 oz PET 1000 PEC
Salad Contaner 16,24,32 oz 300 pec
     Plastic Items
Plastic Spoon
Plastic Tea Spoon
Salad Container with Fork
Cutlery Set
Plastic Fork
Plastic Kinfe
Plate No 1&2 1x1000
Plate No 22&18 1x1000
Plate No 10 1x1000
Soap Plate No 15 00087
Spoon&Fork & Knife Tea Spoon
Plastic Contaner 4 oz
Small Plastic Spoon
     Tapes & Stretch Film
Stretch Film
     Tissue Paper
C-Fold 150x24 00027
Inter Fold 150x24 00183
Maxi Roll 350-250-230 M
Napkin 30x30 00020
Toilet Paper 1x48 00042
City Kleenex
Maxi Roll
Napkin Baskin Robbins
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