Al-Ameen Trade Center for Water Pumps and Equipments
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Electrical Items

Electrical, plumbing, generators, water pumps, pressure washer, air compressor, mechanical seal, pulley, battery cahrger, copper wire for motor winding,
varnish, insulation sleeves, all kinds of paints, generator spare parts, coupling and spare rubber, garage equipments, jacks, pallet truck, transmission
jacks, jack stand, electrical induction motors, pressure tanks, bearings, silicon adhesives, pressure switches, all kinds of lubricants, colling fans, V-belts
and safety products.

Special Personal Safety Products

Chemical & Oil resistant gloves/ Nomex coverall/ Dupond tyvek
disposable coverall/ Cold storage coverall/ Oil spill kits/Hand sanitizer.

Respiratory protection

Self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA)/ Gas detectors/Disposable & reusable respirators.

Personal Safety

Safety shoes/ Gum boot black, Gum boot white/ heat and flame retardant coverall/ Bib & Brace Trousers/
Rain coat with hood/ Goggles/ Spectacles/ Dust masks/ Ear plugs/ Ear muff/
Working gloves/ Leather/ Cotton/ Dotted rubber/ Cleaning materials of all types/
Dupond wipes/ Rags/ Towels/ Cotton waste/ Brooms.


combination/Ring/ Open and spanners/
pliers/screw drivers/Adjustable spanners/ Pipe wrenches/bolt cutter/pipe cutter/
shears/snips/ scissors/ knife/ chain block/ bench vice/ puller/C-clamp/F-clamp/
Right angle measuring tools/ Caliper/ Dial indicator/ Micrometer/Divider/ Feeler
gauge / Non sparking tool/ 1000 volt electrical tools

Road Safety

Road safety drums/ Barricades/ Road warning light, Evolving light/
Road safety vests/ Warning tapes and other adhesive tapes/ reflective sheets in
different colours / Red signs & Safety stickers /Cable& pipe protection mesh
sheet/ detectable tapes.

Welding & cutting set/ Cutting & grinding disc/ Wheels/ Cup brushes/wheel
brushes/hand wire brushes/ welding helmet/ glass/ shield/ Welding gloves/ leg guards/ jackets/ Welding apron/ Face shield/ Welding
cable/holder/clamp/soldering iron/wires/pastes/ Brazing rod/ Brazing powder/
lead/heating torch set/Gas torch set

Nylon lifting slings/ cutting, grinding and welding products/ Hand tools &
Hardware/ Steel & Plastic strapping products/ Cleaning products/ Wire rope &
Wire rope accessories/ fabrication of wire rope and Chain slings

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